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              In addition to Samsung, Nokia also joint China Telecom jointly launched


                " 5 ·17 " world telecommunication day cases is each big operator introduced various preferential activity to seize the market opportunities. With the frequently used three thousand or four thousand yuan this year compared to the intelligent mobile phone, 3G mobile phone is the more intelligent people, some high-end brand also introduced a more practical, consistent with a carrier customization conditions for mobile phone.

                Bet 1000 Yuan intelligent machine

                In May 11th, China Unicom and Samsung Electronics jointly issued the thousand yuan intelligent machine S6102E Samsung and S6352, click the retail price respectively is 1158 yuan and 1599 yuan, and the dual card dual standby. China Unicom will provide the two custom Unicom mobile phone to provide storage charges machine and purchase delivery charges two subsidy mode, the consumer can enjoy the highest to 0 yuan purchase subsidy.

                In addition to Samsung, Nokia also joint China Telecom jointly launched the first domestic mobile phone Nokia 800C WP7. The HTC market is more open, just released a new series with three operators to cooperate at the same time, the current price is 1900 yuan.

                Experience in international brand "random " 1000 Yuan intelligent mobile phone market significance lies in, may change the user on 1000 Yuan intelligent mobile phone " hard in the mainstream market dosomethinpreviouslyunreleased " view.

                Another meaning is, because of the new models of the listing gives users a more cost-effective option, some high price of mobile phone price to also begin to become loose. Most concern is China Telecom iPhone4S bare metal price straight down 500 yuan, price is 4499 yuan. At the same time, other models such as Nokia mobile phone Lumia800C, Huawei C8850 prices in 600~790 yuan.

                Analysis of the industry, high-end brand is primarily by Apple's iPhone extrusion, market awareness and share are dropping. On the other hand, with the Chinese operators of cooperation, using the carrier channel and subsidies, to expand market share and increase profit.

                Without a doubt, mobile phone brand manufacturers are recently frequent pushing the new machine, or by market demand. Ericsson has recently released a report, Chinese intelligent mobile phone penetration rate is only 15%, but 32% of users have replaced the intelligent mobile phone plan ( cycle of 29 months ). According to the Ministry of information data, the next two years, the demand for intelligent mobile phone 278000000.

                At present, China intelligent mobile phone only in first-tier cities gained popularity, the two or three line of the city has not found. From tmall mall provides data, in the low-end price of the mobile phone market share of 76%, and 3000 yuan more than the mobile phone is only 6%.

                Obviously, the thousand yuan intelligent machines will get more favor, international brands and domestic brands of positive competition will accelerate the popularization of intelligent mobile phone. The telecommunications industry expert Xiang Ligang thinks, sufficient competition to the consumer benefits, but the mobile phone manufacturers was immersed in predicament, only operators prefer to subsidize low-cost terminal.


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