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              Aino HD big screen MP4 touch + key

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              • Brand: ???ainol
              • Type: ???V8000HDZ
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                Aino V8000HDZ using a 7 inch screen, with 800 x 480 HD resolution. At the same time, V8000HDZ will use of ergonomic design button layout, the user grasps the more comfortable, operation more convenient! Whether you love fashionable touch control operation game player, prefer the traditional buttons to operate the user can in this MP4 to find their favorite mode of operation.

                V8000HDZ uses keys and touch dual operating system, so the body is still the key, the top is provided with a power switch and ESC exit button, on the right top is provided with a control key and the confirmation key, left side of the fuselage with a screen lock, SD expansion card and MIC, the right side is provided with earphone interface, color output, USB interface, DC interface, volume control, remote control receiver is designed on the fuselage underside.

                Screen lock, SD card and MIC

                Exquisite UI interface

                V8000HDZ UI is very simple in design, the function design stick out a mile, operation is very smooth.

                AI V8000HDZ broadcast the film effect

                AI V8000HDZ compatible MP3, WMA, WAV, AAC, and other audio formats, built-in multiple audio mode nature, heavy bass, pop, rock, classical, jazz, language,

                The maximum brightness and minimum brightness contrast

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